Business Solutions

BlueSkye Track applies many years of expertise to your business issues: ranging from decision making, to problem solving, to process improvement, to performance improvement. We use a measured approach to protect your customers first, and solve internal issues as rapidly as your organization can move.



Business Solutions for Performance Improvement

We work with Private Equity and Venture Capital companies to assess your investment clients:

  • need for Lean operations to improve cash flow (cash conversion process),

  • efficiency and effectiveness of any process,

  • capital expenditures before they are approved,

  • supply chain logistics for quality and risk, and

  • deliberate decision making ability.

We work directly with entrepreneurial and middle maket service and manufacturing organizations to:

  • improve cash flow through A/R process assessments.

  • apply Lean and Lean Six Sigma principles to improve customer outcomes.

  • assess the supply chain process and supplier capabilities.

  • recommend the need for Agile, Lean and Lean Six Sigma, and Sales training.

  • assess management team capabilities.

  • assess quantitative decision-making capabilities.

Do you want to avoid paying for travel? Not a problem, we'll consult with you through WebEx or GoToMeeting in a live online real time session. You'll interface with industry experienced professionals and receive the same high level advice as in-office sessions.